Walking a tightrope

I keep falling

Getting back on


Getting back on


Drag me back and forth

When do I take the reins

When do I break free from this fear

Living in limbo

Waiting for a whole life to be determined

In one moment

Is driving me mad

What has God planned

When will I find out

And how will I react?


If He says no

Will you be able to float above the rip current?

Find beauty in hell

Find peace in the chaos

Find tranquility in the maddening

Find purpose in a prison


And if He says yes

Will you be able to fulfill your potential?

To push on when your eyes are closing

To focus on the letters, the words, the pages,

The lives of another generation

Without being dragged down by worry and fatigue?

Will there be fulfillment to be found?


If all looks dark, it’s just the chemicals

Just wait, and this too shall pass

Thy God doth undertake

To guide the future as He has the past


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