one, two, three, four
trying to fall asleep at 8:39 am
with a to-do list the length of my spine
four, five, six, seven
they say during a panic attack you should find
something you can touch, 1
something you can see, 2
something you can smell, 3
something you can hear, 4
but sometimes it feels like life is
one, very long, glacially slow
anxiety attack
always building towards
(four, five, six, seven)
enlightenment? or death
(shhh don’t say that word, someone
might think-)
Palm on my lover’s cheek, scratchy beard
Gaze at his face, every memorized line
Breathe the scent of his skin (is this what addiction feels like?)
Listen to his whispers,breathing,sleep…
until he’s gone
eight, nine, ten, eleven hours
and I remember I have to do this alone
« do what? » you ask
find truth

now Rumi’s silence
rings a bell


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